My Home Practice

Every day I like to recommit myself to my yoga practice.  It keeps me grounded, in good health and shape while keeping me focused on what is important in life.  I usually practice every morning when I get up.  At the beginning of my practice I always meditate for five minutes in which I give my thanks, love and prayer to a higher power.  Then I do my favorite ninety-minute yoga DVDs by Seane Corne, followed by a thirty minute pilates DVD by Ana Caban.  I also complement my yoga practice by going to the gym every night for spinning and weight training.

I also believe in practicing yoga off the mat through a variety of ways, such as eating a vegetarian diet where I always eat mindfully.  I also believe in spreading peace, love and compassion to everybody in my daily life.  I participate in activities to enhance my yoga lifestyle by writing, sketching, photography and reading.  I continuously practice the art of giving and helping others due to its beneficial effect on the soul. I believe that yoga has always and will continue to be an important part of my life, enhancing who I am.  I encourage everybody to find one activity, even if it is not yoga, that can be practiced on a daily basis that brings you happiness and peacefulness while being a positive influence on others and ourselves.

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